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Pro-Biotic Balls!

Desperate times call for desperate recipes!

Pro-Biotic Balls are little sandwiches made from Pickled Eggs, Dill Pickles, and Sauerkraut. Loaded with Protein, Salt, Vinegar and fortified with the taste of Hand-Sanitizer, they are something that no one is going to want twice!

Probiotics are great for gut health and building up your immunity. Now, before all you "Healthy Heathers" start screaming that all of these ingredients may or may not be properly fermented (thus not really probiotic), keep in mind that I'm working with what I have in the house! Eating the foods that no one else will!

It's the thought that counts and absolutely NO THOUGHT has gone into this meal.

It's important to find a reason to smile every day. We are currently living in a scary time but that doesn't mean that we have to be constantly scared.

While in quarantine, I am having fun deciding what to prepare with only the food that I have in the house.

Wish me luck and share a smile today!

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