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Spin the Wheel, Make a Meal!

Desperate times call for desperate recipes.

It's time to put some fun back into meal prep!

  1. Grab a bunch of assorted cans of forgotten food from your Quarantine Cupboard and REMOVE the labels.

  2. Place them "socially distanced' from each other on a Lazy Susan and GIVE HER A SPIN!

  3. Whichever can(s) stop infront of you, when the turntable stops spinning, is what you get to eat for dinner!

It's fun for the whole family and you get rid of the food that you thought you'd be stuck with forever. Corned Beef Hash, Pinto Beans, Cream of Something Soup, Cheese Dip, and more! It's like visiting an Edible Epcot without leaving your home!

Last night I got Black Olives and Pumpkin Pie Filling! TOTAL WIN!

It's important to find a reason to smile every day. We are currently living in a scary time but that doesn't mean that we have to be constantly scared.

While in quarantine, I am having fun deciding what to prepare with only the food that I have in the house.

Wish me luck and share a smile today! For more Desperate Recipes go to:

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