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Tongue Twisters

Having lots of laughs teaching Tongue Twisters to my "English as a Second Language" friends.

Can you imagine a world with no color??? Everything gray? The trees, the seas, birds, the bees, everything gray? How boring a world it would be. That is the same way that I feel about language. We all have slightly different accents, inflections, and variances in our voice. It is the spoken color of the world.

I have so much fun helping this amazing group of "English as a Second Language" linguists. It's not to get them to conform, but just to help them be understood. I never want them to completely lose the colorful culture of their native language. I want to help them evolve into something special.

Travel the United States and you'll find tremendous twists of the tongue and eloquent examples and assorted adaptations of english expressions. Travel the world and savor the sounds of the syllables and sentences that will astound you!

Whenever I hear someone speaking "broken english." I applaud them because they are in the midst of learning at least a second language as I am still struggling with my first.

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