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Discover Your 4 Customers and Unleash Your Sales Potential

Ever experienced that incredible feeling of being in total flow? When everything just clicks, and you're completely focused on a task? Well, that's the state of being in the zone, or what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls "flow." And guess what? It can also work wonders in sales. Flow is found when you have high desire and high skill and continue to challenge yourself. In sales, it is about occasionally casting your net for the Big Fish and still enjoying all the smaller fish you pull in.

Here is a guide to help you find your next sales opportunities. Visualize it by dividing a sheet of paper into 4 quadrants. The bottom 2 represent your current customers and the top 2 represent potential future customers. Within each quadrant, we'll identified unique customer types to assist you with your sales strategy.

Bread and Butter: Treat Current Customers like Royalty

The bottom left quadrants are you current customers who already purchase your existing services and products. They deserve the royal treatment. Go above and beyond to provide them with an unmatched experience that sets you apart from competitors. We don’t want to lose them, so we don’t want to ignore them.

Should Bees: Court Potential Customers

In the bottom right quadrant, you'll find potential customers who have a need for your offerings, but don’t buy from you YET. Invest plenty of time and effort in building relationships with them. They should be your future customers. Engage in conversations to understand their needs and gain insights into your market approach.

Could Bees: Expand by Offering More

The top left quadrant represents customers who would buy more from you if you had additional products and services. While maintaining your focus on your core business, consider expanding your offerings to cater to their needs. Leverage the trust they already have in you and present new ideas and offerings to capture more sales.

Your WHALE: Chase Your Dream Customers

Now for the exciting part! The top right quadrant is where your dream customers reside. They're not yet customers because you don't currently offer exactly what they need. Reach out to them, understand their needs, and evaluate if it makes sense for you to grow and become their provider. These dream customers will often lead to easier sales with the Could Bees and Should Bees. Pursuing a Whale requires you to expand and improve your offering and knowledge. Knock on their door with confidence.

It's time to set your sights on YOUR WHALE! Use the exhilaration of chasing after an impossible to land customer to feel the flow. Incorporate this idea into your regular sales meetings. Encourage your team to nurture the Bread and Butter, relentlessly chase the Could Bees and Should Bees, and aim for the Whale. Every salesperson should have a Whale, a destiny, an improbable fish to pursue. This shouldn't just be an easy prospect; it should present a genuine challenge. Foster a collaborative environment where team members can share ideas and strategies to help each other land the big fish (even though we know a whale isn't technically a fish). In due course, you'll discover that by targeting Whales, you inevitably reel in a considerable number of smaller fish. And that, after all, is the essence of sales success.

Are you looking to level-up your sales team or business?

Master Happiness can guide businesses to unprecedented success. I’ll help you and your team focus on nurturing current customers but also take things a step further — teaching you how to go after that ‘WHALE’ — that high value customer or account that will be instrumental in driving up overall company profits and game changing goals. I can provide an effective process for building successful salespeople and unbeatable teams.

Imagine the look of awe on your employees faces when they realize their full potential! Picture those big wins each time you close significant deals with a 'Whale' through this masterful system! Make these crushing successes a regular occurrence in your business today.

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Discover Your 4 Customers and Unleash Your Sales Potential!

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