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Avoid Regret with the power of BACON!

There have been numerous studies and interviews with people throughout the many stages of life to discover what we regret the most. Let's discuss what we can be doing RIGHT NOW to create a life full of meaning and purpose. A life on the path to Master Happiness.

Join us as we discuss how to AVOID REGRET with the power of BACON!

B - Beckon Happiness, pull it is and spread it around.

A - Adventures, risks, and chances! Take them while you can!

C - Cherish Your Family and Friends. You are not promised a tomorrow with them.

O - Occupation Switch? Maybe it’s time to go for that promotion or find a new, more fulfilling job

N - Nourishing your Body and Mind gives you the most life and the most out of life!

Don’t fill your past with would haves, could haves, and should haves!

Fill it with DIDs and DONEs, & tons of FUN!


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