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The BACON of Humility!

September 20th Show

B – BE A GREAT LISTENER – We all need to be heard. Sometimes we just need someone who is willing to empathize with us and not try to fix all our problems. Sometimes we need someone to just listen. Being humble is being that person. For more on Listening, see letter “N!”

A – ASK FOR HELP! – People appreciate feeling appreciated. Asking for help serves two purposes. You get the help that you need, and the giver feels needed, important, and respected. We all need help from now and then. Ask for assistance and make someone’s day. You are surrounded by people who can and want to help, check letter “O!”

C – CHECK YOURSELF! – You will always find others who appear slower, weaker, and less fortunate than you, if you are looking for them. You can also find many that appear faster, stronger, and more fortunate than you. The only person that you are competing with is YOU! Try to be greater than you were yesterday and strive to be even greater tomorrow. You can do it; I believe in you! You’re not in this alone, check letter “A!”

O – OTHERS ARE ALLOWED TO SUCCEED! – Everyone around us is amazing in their own way. Be their ultimate cheerleader instead of being callous, critical, and cynical. Set pride aside and revel in someone else’s accomplishments. Practice sincerely saying, “CONGRATULATIONS” without using the word, “I!” It may be harder than you think but the good feelings are endless. The real secret to this can be found in letter “B!”

N – NOSY AIN’T NICE! – Why are you listening in? Are you a sympathetic, empathetic ear or are you looking for garbage and gossip? We all need people to lean on sometimes; we never need someone who will step on and stand on us. Make your inquisitive intentions a way to help them out of their hole, not a way to bury them. This isn’t always easy, check letter “C!”

One of the most rewarding paths to Master Happiness is called Humility. Don’t think less OF yourself, think less ABOUT yourself! I have spewed gossip fueled by jealousy but never found any real happiness from pointing out the misfortune of others. Instead, it always made me feel like others were talking about me.

On the flipside, I have found incredible peace, joy, and happiness in cheering others on, allowing them to be the hero of the day, and trying not to compare and judge.

Help others find this path and enjoy watching them find joy in humility.

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