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The Bacon of Pi / Pie!

  1. How can a number so small be so infinite? The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, Pi is constant and never ending. It is beautiful in its simplicity and breathtaking in its complexity.

  2. Plus, it's a tasty treat. Cream, Fruit, Custard, or Savory, PIE offers us a hidden secret that never disappoints.

  3. But there is a third PIE and that is the PIE of communication. And we’ll be talking about all 3.14 of them!

B – Birthday of Albert Einstein and and Death of Stephen Hawking!

A – All Encompassing. Every conceivable combination of numbers can theoretically be found within Pi.

C – Computer can’t calculate it because it is theoretically endless

O – Old versions of Pi. From the Pyramids of Giza to the 10 trillion digit supercomputer summation, we’ve been serving Pi for ages.

N – NASA uses Pi, but they’re not alone.

Join us and save some time for PI.

B - Banana Cream, Blueberry, and BACON Pie!

A - Apple Pie!

C - Cherry and Coconut Cream Pie!

O - Oreo Crust under any pie!

N - New York Style Cheesecake (It may have CAKE in its name, but it's more like a pie to me!)

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