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Toxic Positivity, Pesto versus Bacon

We cannot be Happy, Positive, and Perky all the time. Pretending to be can cause more harm than good. Life is a rollercoaster of emotions. Feeling the bad ones are inevitable. Join us as we discuss the yuckiness of PESTO and how BACON can keep us on the paths to Master Happiness.

The Problem

P - Perspective over Validation, “it could be worse” instead of, “that sounds awful.”

E - Experiencing Guilt for the way you feel.

S - Shaming others for expressing their feelings.

T - Telling yourself and others to “Just walk it off!”

O - Oppose or masking your true feelings.

The Solution

B - Balance the good with the bad.

A - Acknowledge and validate your feelings and those of others.

C - Confide in someone.

O - Offer empathy.

N - Normalize ALL your feelings.


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