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Boost Creativity with BACON

Can Creativity be taught? Whether building, writing, designing, sculpting, painting, playing music, or almost any activity, creativity plays an important role. I believe that we are all creative in our own way. And we should all be encouraged to explore creativity and pushed into practicing it.

Creativity can reduce stress, improve mental health, boost your immune system, bring you happiness, and so much more. Join us as we discuss the benefits of boosting creativity and how to do it!

B - Build it and see if what you were dreaming of can become a reality.

A - Act it out, explain it, sing it! Never let a good idea die silently.

C - Change it up! If you are feeling in a slump, add a twist to your normal habits and feel those creative juices start to stir.

O - Others have Ideas too! Look at what’s out there that does and doesn’t connect. How many inventions work because someone discovered the wheel?

N - Never stop revising, revisiting, and reengineering! There is always a way to make a better mousetrap.

Producing something that has never existed in that particular form before builds self-esteem, puts a smile on your face, and can offer an overall rush. This is the essence and necessity of creativity. Let’s Boost Creativity with BACON, together.


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