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Contrast, Conform, Connect

Think of the stores where you love to shop. Think of the restaurants and cafes that call to you. Think about all those memorable employees that you’ve met. They all differentiate. They are bold, distinctive, and different. They find a way to stand out.

What are you doing to be extraordinary, notable, and remembered? It all starts with separating yourself from the crowd. Zigging while they’re zagging and getting everyone talking about you.

Once you’ve got their attention, confirm that you’re not really different, you’re unique. To quote the great #BigBopper, it’s the wiggle in the walk, and the giggle in the talk that makes the world go ‘round. They are attracted to the bump in the road but find comfort in conformity.

Use differentiation to attract them, but not enough to scare them away. Bring them home with familiarity and close them with consistency.

Let me help you use #Contrast to get attention, #Conformity for retention, and the right amount of each to solidify the #Connection. Let’s get the customers saying. “That’s what I like!”

#Connect with me at for a #FREE 30-minute conversation. Time slots are filling up. Be one more of the many happy small business owners who have uncovered THIS secret.

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