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The Importance of the BACON Meeting

58% of employees would rather pour their hearts out to complete strangers than confide in their own managers. A scary thought, isn't it? The people who are in the best position to fix problems - the management - are often the last ones to hear about them. Instead, your employees are sharing their grievances with their peers and customers, inadvertently casting a shadow over your business. It's not an everyday occurrence, but it's happening more frequently than you'd like.

The answer lies in communication - the golden key that unlocks potential and solves problems. But without a well-designed and consistent communication strategy, your conversations will slowly become boring, unproductive, and useless. That is why you should have regular BACON Meetings with your employees.

B - The Big Picture: Start by focusing on your employees. How are they feeling? Motivated, demotivated, or indifferent? What's stirring in their minds and hearts? This is your opportunity to gauge everyone’s emotional temperature. You're not discussing others, just the person in front of you. This shows empathy, care, and respect.

A - Action Steps and Goals: Still centered on the employee, what are their personal goals and the actions they plan to take to reach them? If they're riding high, how can they harness their positivity to become even better? If they're feeling low, what's their game plan to turn things around? This also serves as the perfect time to review their action steps and goals from the previous BACON Meeting. Do they need your support?

C - Conflicts, Concerns, and Solutions: Now, shift the focus to 'US'. What's happening within the business? Are we collaborating effectively? Could processes be improved? Are the company's goals crystal clear? This isn't a gripe session; it's an opportunity to identify potential issues and propose solutions. Remember to follow up on their ideas, creating a culture of mutual respect, trust, and a thriving work environment.

O - Other Stuff: Time to discuss external factors that could impact the company's growth. Are there any upcoming vacations or days off? What's the buzz in the industry or amongst our competitors? Your employees are your eyes and ears, brimming with valuable insights that can guide your decision-making process.

N - Notable Wins: Conclude the meeting on a high note, celebrating your employee's achievements. What have they done that deserves a round of applause? Maybe they exceeded a sales target or learned a new skill. Encourage them to share their victories, no matter how modest they might be. Their wins are wins for the entire team.

The BACON Meeting Worksheet isn't just a template; it's a pathway to understanding your employees, strengthening team dynamics, and steering your company towards a brighter future. Implement it, and you'll create a company culture that sizzles with positivity and productivity!

Want to make your meetings more delicious? Download a copy of the BACON Meeting Worksheet at After all, who doesn't love a little bit of BACON?

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