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Building Trust, Delivering Value, and Creating Urgency in Business

Imagine your business as a cozy old house, with each customer or partner being a warm dinner guest. The foundation of this house is trust, the meal you serve is value, and the urgency comes from the time they begin to feel hungry or, in business, the time your offering becomes a necessity. Understanding and skillfully utilizing trust, value, and urgency is the culinary secret to filling your business' dining room night after night.

Trust, Value, Urgency Master Happiness with Marty Jalove

Trust as a Foundation

In the world of business, trust is often the unsung captain of a ship making its way through the unpredictable waters of a competitive market. It’s the difference between a person willing to commit to a relationship with your business or hedging their bets elsewhere. Trust sets the bar for integrity and reliability.

Why Trust?

Trust is not just a warm, fuzzy word; it means predictability and stability. Just like an old friend, customers and clients return to the people they can rely on. Building trust starts with being authentic—showing who you are and what you stand for—and it ends in your business forming its own unique, genuine connections.

The Impact of Trust

Through trust, businesses form the sturdy ropes that they throw across the proverbial canyons of industry. When those ropes are secure, they cut through any fear and doubt a potential partner or customer may have, bringing them safely over into a mutually-beneficial partnership.

Delivering Value

Value is that which your customers or partners need or desire. It’s not always a tangible commodity; sometimes, it's an intangible skill or service that solves a problem or adds pleasure to their lives.

What is Value?

Value is personal—what is valuable to one may not be to another. And yet, value is universal in that it creates or sustains a relationship. Businesses that consistently offer value become assets, indispensable elements in the lives of their clientele.

The Art of Value Creation

To give value is not purely transactional; it is an ongoing investment in a relationship of worth. The most successful businesses understand this—Apple doesn't just sell gadgets; it offers a lifestyle. Amazon doesn’t just offer products; it delivers convenience.

Creating Urgency

Urgency in business is not about panic; it’s about timing. A decision delayed can often feel like a decision denied. Urgency is the seasoned salt on your meal, the dash of spontaneity that makes a customer or client jump to say yes to what you’re offering.

Why Urgency?

The human mind loves to procrastinate. The psychological effect of urgency is a powerful motivator for taking the next step. An urgent call-to-action is that nudge that reminds your dinner guest that they might not get to savor the flavors you’re offering if they wait too long.

The Role of Urgency in Decision Making

In marketing, urgency is often created through limited-time offers, scarcity of a product, or a rapidly approaching event. It’s the engine that speeds up the decision process, driving the prospective buyer towards the transaction, and ultimately, towards being filled and satisfied with what you have to offer.

Target Audience Engagement

Your approach to trust-building, value-delivering, and urgency-creating should be like a tailor, fitting each strategy with precision to your specific audience. Entrepreneurs might value rapid changes, business professionals may admire seamless integration, and marketing enthusiasts would be avid responders to creative urgency tactics.

How Personal is Your Approach?

In a world lit up by the screens of social media, personal connection is not just a nice-to-have—it's a must-have. Your audience, just like any dinner guest, wants to feel like they’re having a personal conversation, a voice in a dialogue, not just being shouted at by a distant entity.


In a time when business can feel like a revolving door of fleeting interactions, trust is the invitation to a deeper connection. Value is the conversation and the laughter that keeps your guests returning. Urgency is the reason they decide to get up and walk through your door immediately. These elements do not exist in isolation but blend together as the essential seasoning for the feast of relationship-building that is the hallmark of enduring business success.


Remember, in the intricate dance of business relationships, every step you take builds upon their memories of you. Be genuine, offer more than just products or services—offer an experience and a solution. And when the stage is set right, bring in the sense of urgency that makes their decision an easy one. It's not just about what you serve; it's about how you plate it. And in the grand banquet of business, those who master the art of trust, value, and urgency are the chefs that feed the world.

Building Trust, Delivering Value, and Creating Urgency in Business

Let’s uncover and define what makes them #TRUST you, #VALUE you, and create an #URGENCY to connect with you now.

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