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Know what to Say, Show them the Way, Blow Them Away!

Know what to SAY, show them the WAY, Blow them AWAY!

Sometimes too much knowledge can hurt. We get so caught up in industry jargon that we forget to speak the language of our customers. A little mystery in our vernacular is okay for grabbing their attention but not necessarily splendiferous for closing the deal.


Use your words to capture their consideration and sway them towards the destination. Highfalutin lingo and grandiose grammar can alienate or eliminate instead of navigating your potential clientele to your register. In place of pompous prose meant to expose that you’re the pros, use straightforward language.


Overdeliver on your goods and services not on your extensive experience of extracting terminology from a thesaurus. Give them a reason to never look elsewhere.


Let’s take a close look at your offering. I want to help you show potential and existing customer what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. We’ll uncover the words to say that will attract and intrigue them. And this will give you the opportunity to blow them away with your enthusiasm, energy, and expertise.

Know what to Say, Show them the Way, Blow Them Away!


Marty Jalove of Master Happiness is a Corporate Coach, Business Consultant, and Marketing Strategist that helps small businesses, teams, and individuals find focus, feel fulfilled, and have fun. Master Happiness stresses the importance of realistic goal setting, empowerment, and accountability in order to encourage employee and customer engagement and retention.


The secret is simple: Happy Employees attract Happy Customers and Happy Customers come back with Friends.


Learn more about Master Happiness at or


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