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Squirrel, Deferral, Referral!

Have you ever watched a squirrel conduct business? All year long they collect nuts and seeds. They horde and bury them so that they’ll have them in the future. They consume some as they go along but their focus is always on the future.

Squirrel, Deferral, Referral! - Master Happiness with Marty Jalove

They know that the seeds that they plant in the warm months become the sustenance that they need in the hard winters to come. Sometimes these seeds grow into something bigger that creates more seeds, other times they are just forgotten. None the less, the squirrel keeps working.

In our businesses, we often want those quick wins. We find a pile of nuts and start celebrating instead of thinking about what that find can grow into. It’s difficult to defer that excitement till later. It’s so much easier to celebrate and move on. Or at least we think so.

When a new customer buys for the first time, we frequently follow with, “Tell all your friends!” Your customer can interpret that statement to mean that we are done thinking about them and want to move on. Instead, spend some time making sure that this customer is happy. Nurture the relationship and make them feel special. Allow them to grow into a loyal, respected, and treasured customer.

Overdelivering on, giving more than expected, and paying close attention to your customer’s needs is how you create a more fruitful future. Grow the relationship and you may never have to ask for referrals again, they’ll want to bring you more business on their own.

I would love to help you become a #Deferral #Squirrel and build a consistent #Refferal system.

What's Your Bacon - Master Happiness with Marty Jalove

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